Nadando a través de las piedras.

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En la experiencia diaria tridimensional y de la física clásica no es posible nadar través de las piedras; en el mundo de los sueños, de la magia y de Mariee Sioux sí! (La teoría de la física cuántica también lo permite)

... bellísima ...

Y, revisitándolo en esta tarde lánguida de domingo que se muere, redescubro tonos de una belleza sobrecogedora, casi mórbida, caricia de mejillas en el juego deslumbrante de amantes enloquecidos...

"Mientras siento que estoy nadando a través de la piedra..."

I have heard about thisabout walking into roomsand flooring covered with snakeskinsoh snakesins how i wanna crawl back into them like sleeping bagsand i need things like i need paper thin fins how i envy the herringsalways on their wayin easy flashestiny lightningsglintinglike sparks when wolvesstrike flint while i feel like i am swimming through stoneso i’ll hold my brain out of the wateras i swim my remains back to himcause the last thing that i need is a wet brainduring the hurricaneso i’ll rest my weary headbetween the eagrets beakso i can hear you singthe salmon eggs to sleepwith the songs of the wildi thought the coast was cleari thought the coast was clearbut i’m wading through dead skeetersthrough wriggling larvathrough blood suckersand i’ve never sucked blood before thisand i’ve never sucked blood before thisi’ve never sucked blood before this and i knew betterbut i walked right in againand there is that floor all coveredwith owl pelletsi examine the tiny bitsin wonder and decayall mystifiedat the little skeletalgloriesi wonder what went on in the rabbits holeand how these tiny things cannot seem to escapeuntil we are left with snakeskinand matted furhair thinoh hair thinbones.

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