Y ahora qué?. Ahora es más fácil...

Lo cuenta la bella canción de Joan Sehelly. 

Ahora es más fácil... Las noches son más frías... y ¿quién va a levantar la cara para ver cómo las estrellas brillan más si está solo? Pero no estamos rotos, sólo estamos libres de nuevo...?


Easy now,
It's almost over
The fever will run out
Now the nights are colder
Who will lift your face to see how the stars
Shine brighter when you're lonely?

The rains came down
Ran across the river
Sweet the sound
And the scent familiar
You pulled the clothes from the line and came in
You were needed at my side.

In the open my heart beats loudly
We're not broken, no we just are free again

Easy now, 
It's almost over
To the friends who stuck around 
Go and hold them closer
The ones that watched you wander out on the rocks
When the light of day was fading.

In the open our hearts beat loudly
We're not broken no we just are free again 

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